About Us

Thank you for stopping by our online store: Next Level Musky Fishing.

Next Level Musky Fishing is the brain-child of renowned Professional Musky Guide and Angler Steven Paul featuring the support of his wife, Jodie Paul. 

Musky fishing is an elevated and addictive sport fishing experience that has opened the door for a host of equally exciting styles of fishing accessories paying homage to the sport we love.  Next Level Musky Fishing products are unique, fun, and painstakingly sourced, to promote both the sport of musky fishing to a wider audience and to be enjoyed by people experiencing other facets of outdoor activity.

While traveling musky fishing waters across the United States in search of these game fish, it was immediately apparent that musky fishing enlisted many dedicated and cultivated anglers. Still, those anglers remained relegated to small, interconnected communities lacking outreach to fresh, younger fishermen.  The need to inject new blood into our sport and appeal to a wider fishing audience quickly became the goal of Steven Paul. Entertainment outlets including the Musky360 Podcast hosted by Steven Paul and educational musky fishing programming featured on Musky Shop TV ushered in renewed interest in the sport from excited new faces. Upon completion of his book, Next Level Musky Fishing, Paul turned his focus to the development of a small range of products that promoted this appeal. 

It is our goal to make products that reflect our sense of what is uniquely exciting about musky fishing but stay within the bounds of what is useful to our community of anglers.  So please get to know us through our products, whether it is the advanced read of Next Level Musky Fishing by Steven Paul for finding angling success, or through our other products, such as Next Level Shades that keep you looking cool and feeling cool while also reducing reflective glare.  These products are a direct result of the support of our angling friends, business partners, and clientele and we hope that you choose to enjoy them with us.